Hair Inspirations: Box Braids

Im seriously loving box braids right now and no not because Beyonce was spotted in rocking her’s in a posh blonde. I just think they are perfect for this heat. 🔥🔥🔥 Too bad I just cut my hair off, due to me damaging it, but I will definitely use this as a transition style. I absolutely love when they are put into a huge bun.




I ❤ Jumpsuits

My schedule has left me with no time to actually take full time to style myself. So I am implementing the idea of effortless chic. Simple outfits but totally posh. My favorite go to jumpsuit a rocked a couple weeks ago to just hang with the girls. I actually bought this jumpsuit about 5 years ago from Wet Seal. It is so comfortable and if you just add accessories, you have such a posh effortless look.


So recently I have decided to add more jumpsuits to my wardrobe. After a recent window shopping trip through I picked a few that I adore.



Check out

Mattew West – “The Motions”

This song changed me. My favorite part of the song,

” I don’t want to go through the motions,I don’t want to spend one more day,” without your all consuming power inside of me, I don’t want to spend my whole life asking, what about if I had given everything, instead of going through the motions”

I felt like I was in this on going circle in my life, which never ended. No purpose, just get up. go to work, go home, go to sleep. It was depressing. I began to hate life, I wanted more, I wanted God… I began to ask these same questions in this song, and spending more time with God, God began to reveal my calling to me. So listen to this song, as much as you have to, it changed my life.

…Pursue Purpose

I got a text last night from my best  friend that simply said “Pursue Purpose.” I poured my heart out about my confusion in what I wanted to do with my life early. I quickly realized ,up into now, I have solely been living for things.

My mind was in turmoil constantly thinking “What am I going to do for the rest of my life?”  Over the years, I went though a host of titles, CPA, Lawyer, Auditor, Financial Advisor, then move to the artistic side, Boutique Store Owner, Fashion Designer, Fashion Stylist. Basically if that profession did not have the potential of making 100k, then it was not on my list. Its kind of sickening to even think about. I changed my major at least 1000 times. At a certain point, I just wanted a sheet a paper that said degree to make my parents happy.

I prayed to God all the time and asked what was my purpose. See I just knew God, did not want me to be broke. lol so I know all those titles above would yield my salary that I needed. But I really did not want to do any of those. I know shockingly , I have been in the fashion game for a minute and I can say that I love fashion and I do want to work in the industry just not hands on with the clothes. I had to just be honest with myself. I used to work at a commissioned store where we acted as personal stylist. I can tell you, I of course wanted to make the customer happy, but I really just did not want them to return it and my commission get taken out my check. Shallow I know.  But back to purpose.

Purpose. Ummm… Purpose? What was the point of me even being born? What did I say I always wanted to do when I was a little girl? What would I do everyday, even if I was not getting paid? I had so many questions to ask God.

God told me in such a peaceful voice, but its against everything that I have been building. Normally when God tells you something, confirmation is soon to follow. So my best friend actually told me what I always said I wanted to do when I was a little girl.  But this time I won’t put it on a blog until later or make a website, or get business cards and pass it out to the world.  Im just going to do me, until Im ready. Develop this skill, practice all day and all night, which is what you should do with anything.

The purpose of me creating this site, is not so I can be a major blogger ( I wanted to do that in the past too, lol), but  to show my journey of purpose, because I know so many other girls are going through this and need encouragement , not just in fashion , beauty but in life. They need truth and honesty. So if you ran across this blog, know it was God sent. And lets get through this together. So here is to living quietly beautiful.

Love Alisha